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On December 8 2015, past students and staff came together for the annual football reunion. The event saw over 50 students, colleagues and friends reunited over common goals – catching up with their peers who seem to spread wider around the world, seeing the developments at their alma mater and, of course, to compete for the coveted Reunion Shield.

Alumni events continue to be a highlight in the school calendar and give attendees an opportunity to spend some time learning about and listening to ex-students outline the milestones that they have already achieved since leaving school. The yearly reunion would not have been complete without the traditional Old Boys Soccer Tournament. This year, the competitive will of the Teacher team (perhaps combined with the infusion of younger staff legs) brought them to overall victory. The reunion culminated in a cocktail where students had the chance for a parting words with departing Head of School Mr Phil Waugh.

These events also provide opportunities for past students who attended our school at different times to meet, sometimes for the first time, and to network between each other often only because they have their AISHK schooling experience in common. There are already many examples of AISHK Alumni from the more distant past offering to assist more recent AISHK graduates via introductions and access to particular employment opportunities that may not otherwise be open to them. It is always reaffirming to see how our alumni can call upon past friendships and relationships to assist them especially while they are studying and often living away from family and other community support. Anyone who has been at AISHK, student or staff, is a valuable member of the network and we are always keen to keep abreast with their updates and news. Also as interest grows for more local reunions, perhaps off-campus, it’s never been a better time to stay connected. Keep your eyes on this space for more updates.

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